Project Description

At a stage in European history in which the economic crisis and social exclusion have in many countries marginalized part of the young population, plans to re-evaluate urban areas and green spaces require their involvement. From this finding comes the Florence Urban Jungle project.

Florence Urban Jungle project aims to promote social cohesion and the commitment of young people to active citizenship, as well as to sensitize the virtuous recovery of public spaces. To this end, the project has proposed basic activities for the care of outdoor socialization spaces and the enhancement of urban green spaces by developing models that are replicable in every context.

The project implemented a one-week (1-8 April 2017) exchange in Florence, involving 26 young people from Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia.

During the exchange, participants participated in a series of interventions in the open spaces of the Agricultural School of the University of Florence, together with groups of students, managers of social garden. Other organizations (such as refugee and migrant centers, NGOs, educational centers, etc.) and some local actors who live the city on a daily basis have also been involved. In this way, we wanted to highlight the inclusive aspect, transforming this activity into a bridge between people.

All this was  possible for Italian and foreign yong people who came to Florence to share this experience. So a great thank to: Justine, Gaudre, Elisabetta,  Aferdite, Virginia, Matteo, Chiara, Margherita, Gaila, José Luis, Ana, Patricia, Ignacio, Veronika, Lukáš, Bibiana, Andrej, Annamária, Laura, Roberta, Ģirts, Sanda, Sintija, Augustina, Rokas, Evelina, Paulius, Miglė.

And the contribution of their sending organizations:

1509, 2017

Florence Creed

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Il secondo giorno di attività è arrivato il momento di conoscersi meglio .... e quale modo migliore se non una missione nel centro di Firenze. [...]

1509, 2017

Let’s involve the city!

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The last activity of the project led us to share with the city of Florence our reflections of the week, so we prepared a performance [...]

2704, 2017

First day of a youth exchange!

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DAY 1 On April 2 group of 25 young people from Italy, Latvia, Spain, Lithuania and Slovakia started the Erasmus+ youth exchange project “Florence Urban [...]

1904, 2017

Orti Dipinti: a special educational garden in Florence

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DAY 3 The group has met and new friends are beginning to emerge ... but it's time to get to work. Florence Urban Jungle wants [...]

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