In Smolyan, Bulgaria, an international youth exchange was organized by the Erasmus + Program, realized through the project of Ecoworld Rhodopes Association “RRRR in the Rhodopes“. 30 participants from Spain, Italy, Romania, Latvia and Bulgaria discussed the pollution of the environment caused by waste

Real friendships were created during these ten days. Young people of different age and with different status were motivated to speak and act to protect the environment through personal initiatives and through the activities of the non-governmental organizations that send them. Here everyone had common interests and a common goal. The overall conclusion is that in this project were discussed important elements of waste as a resource and as a threat to ecology. The young people made constructive proposals and everyone decided that they would present through their non-governmental organization not only the project but also the conclusions that were made on the project.

We all got to know the different cultures. As the youngsters share, the experiences of using the Internet to get to know another county and its traditions and interacting with its people in a particular environment are completely different.


One more goal of the Erasmus + Program has been achieved to a large extent. All young people improved their English speaking

skills and noticed that this was happening at a very rapid pace in this international and friendly environment. And all want to come back to Bulgaria in Smolyan, in the projects of the Ecoworld Rhodopes Association




This document was created with the financial support of the EU’s Erasmus + Program. The entire responsibility of its content lies with the Ecosvad Rodopi Association and under no circumstances can it be assumed that this document reflects the official standpoint of the Erasmus + Program or the EC.